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New to the 801

Hey There!

We are excited to be apart of the community in Taylorsville, Utah! We wanted to take a moment to formally introduce ourselves!

We are the outpatient clinic that has a mission to empower people to improve their mental well-being and further better their future. We believe every soul that comes through our doors has the ability to grow from where they are. Life can be hard sometimes, and we get that. Our certified counselors are armed with tools and resources unique for every person. We are here for you!

Wondering what to expect? Here is our client centered cultivated process:

  1. Schedule an Appointment! This can be done a few ways: you can give us a call and talk to our lovely receptionist who will ask you some questions (and probably share about her love affair with coffee), shoot us an email, or schedule a free 15 minute consultation call on our website. Whatever you choose, you will be one step closer on your journey to metal wellness and a better life balance.

  2. Show Up! Arguably one of the hardest things to do, but just showing up is half the battle! Plan to receive a warm welcome from our staff, settle in a cozy chair (we even have a fancy full body couch), and feel heard by a professional who is motivated to help you reach your goals. We take that extra care to assess where you are coming from and help you see the steps needed to get you where you want to be.

  3. Stay Positive! Therapy takes time, don't throw in the towel too soon. Keep an open mind and ride the waves, that is where the learning begins! Remember you are in good hands with our team and we want you to succeed. Reaching your full potential can seem like a lot at once, and that is okay, just take some advice from our Disney Friend, Dory, in Finding Nemo, "Just Keep Swimming!" You got this!

We hope this post helped you gain more insight into who we are and what we do. We are excited to be here and look forward to helping you!

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